Birds of Two Feathers


One from an earthy ornithology magazine, one from a style supplement; both featuring irresistible greens.

Magazine collage on a craft acrylic background, marker and gel pen embellishment. Chair assembly diagram for chairs I helped assemble a few years ago.

Original and Copy


An original collage and a hand-colored photocopy of the same. (The original is on the bottom, as you may be able to tell.)

The peach tones are my favorite feature of the original. I think I achieved decent balance there. It took some effort to get colors I liked on the photocopy, which I made because I didn’t have a scanner or color copier available, and I was trying to beat the mailman. The white gel pen helped, and I got some very subtle – maybe invisible – tints with colored pencils.

It’s pretty muddy nevertheless. But it’s nice to have a record. And today I will beat the mailman.

With Markers, II



My cousin-in-law Cindy mentioned Lily Pulitzer in a post recently, and she influenced my choice of colors, I see.

Three Tries




It took three tries, but I completed the Eco envelope from The Artful Recrafter, Monica Lee. When directions don’t seem to make sense, give them at least three tries.

With Markers

Each “coffee painting” was less impressive than the one before. Now I’m exploring ways to cover them up. I’ve only brought markers with me on vacation, so markers it is. An exploratory geometric abstraction using colors compatible with coffee.image
I like the long brown squiggle on the left, so I think I’ll make more of those today. I have three 8 by 12 sheets of coffee paper on hand.

Painting with Coffee

… Was the bright idea this morning. On vacation. Art brain idling.image

Coffee and cayenne. I don’t know what it will look like when dry, but certainly less vivid than this.

Muddy Sneakers

Inspired by the same sneakers I wrote about earlier this month, but not the same sneakers. Simple magazine collage.


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