Just Paint

Postcards for a swap on that theme: “just paint.”


A Monochrome Experiment

My eye thinks that I knit the disparate parts together pretty well. Your eye may differ.

This page and the page below have worn me out for working on a full-sized journal page. I’m going to do index cards for a few days!

Windows, or The Gawky Child

I had a journal page that was pretty unattractive, yet I liked it a little bit. Recalling an earlier success, I painted out a lot of it with metallic black, creating eight windows.

I put eight little abstract scraps in the windows and scuffed up the black paint with some scratches and finger-painting. I really like finger-painting. I’m working with craft-quality paints, so it’s entertaining to watch some of the under-painting come through the dots that I made with white paint.

If I had thought of it sooner, I would have lifted off some black paint before it dried. Regardless, I like the play of light over the surface now. The gawky child is now peculiar in an interesting way.

I Cleaned My Desktop

When I finished, there were still a few tiny scraps left in the workspace. So I made something with them.

Or try it this way, right side up.

Trees, 2

Acrylic paint applied with a pencil eraser; water color background stitched onto handmade paper (not handmade by me.)

Trees, 1

The first of two postcards for a swap on the theme of trees. I painted the leaves on a book page, applying acrylics with a pencil eraser or a finger tip. It was only yesterday, but I’ve forgotten which….. I cut out the foliage and glued it on a painted background.

“Like a tree standing by the water, we shall not be moved.”


All New Stuff

My old computer has lost its ability to reach the Internet so, suspecting it is approaching total failure, I bought a new laptop. There are many devices and programs to move or replace, I have to relearn the use of a Touchpad, and it’s not going to be pretty. But I’ll persevere.

I used the limited tools I have right now to scan and upload a visual journal page I made this summer. I like to make colorful all-over patterned pages but they often lack a focus. Painting them out, leaving a few glowing windows, seems to create that focus.

All kinds of media on the bottom layer; metallic black craft paint on the top; and a lot of scratching into the black paint with toothpicks, pins and other pointy things. “Metallic black” is a lively paint.

I’m pretty sure this idea comes from Tammy Garcia of Daisy Yellow Arts.