iHanna Postcards

From April 20: I’ve made ten postcards for iHanna’s semi-annual handmade postcard swap. Some of these postcards were made long before hand; they sat in my “to send” file. Others gave me the chance to act on a new idea or a crazy thought. I like them all.

Here are three more of the [10] postcards I sent; they should all have arrived by now.

If you have a favorite, let me know.

Kneeling Woman

I tried the art strategy where you paint a background and look for an image in it to bring forward. In this case it was a kneeling woman. Later the same day, I received a mail-art postcard with a very interesting head, so I added it to my drawing.

I was very pleased that I could isolate a proto-image to work with.The line defining her shoulder is an unfortunate one that I may collage over and address later. It makes my eyes hurt.

Craft acrylics, several brands of markers, charcoal pencil and pastels. Several blasts of workable fixative to prevent unplanned smearing.


An image from Clip Art Etc colored with watercolor pencils, mounted on a piece of handmade paper I had forgotten I made. I love my handmade paper – I should use it more often.

Bluebirds were a rare sight where I come from, but I see them all the time here in North Carolina.

In my old quilting group, I was teased for my inclination toward so-called neutral colors. I haven’t worked that much with blacks and tans lately, but a big striped shopping bag from Designer Shoe Warehouse came into the house recently and begged to be cut up and used.

This piece reminded me that when you are working with multiple media, the order of operations matters. The monoprinted layer went down first and produced  interesting blotches.  I hated to cover them up.

Another thing I remembered is that I like little collections of vertical marks. I like making them and I like looking at them, too. You’ll have to click on the image to really see them. I could make more ….

I might make another piece like this and work harder on the composition. It was a really big shopping bag: There’s lots of striped paper.

It’s the big question in mixed media art. I was done before I stenciled the neutral-color feather in the lower right. I was not done the previous ten times I thought I was done. The goal was to make as many layers as I could, so I achieved that.

The base layer is water color, an inexpensive pan set I bought more than 20 years ago in a toy shop. Then I used most of the other dry media I have, plus a little acrylic paint.

Say Yes to the Dress

I’d wear this! I copied a dress image from a promotional postcard, using water-soluble crayons and a few ticks of water color pencil and alcohol marker. The crayons do not create a fine line, but I am trying to learn to work with them because they are so vivid and require less elbow room and caution than a palette of liquid paints.