More Blue Valentines

Here are some of the blue valentines I got back in return for those I submitted for the swap back in January. Very nice, very blue – a good swap!

A Valentine


Barca Negrero

Manuel Mendive (born 1944) is one of the leading Afro-Cuban artists to emerge from the revolutionary period, and is considered by many to be the most important Cuban artist living today, says Wikipedia.

This work is so beautiful that I did not immediately recognize the painful subject matter.


The Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Havana should be on your itinerary if you go to Cuba. From the outside, a great, gray pile; but full of beautifully displayed art from the colonial period through last week.

Also full of interesting art is The Cuban Art Factory, which also looks like a great grey pile … but not in the same sense!

Face the Future


I felt compelled to work with the two focal faces in this collage, and the rest of the composition happened because of that impulse. It’s 8″ by 10″, art-journal-size.

If I’m lucky, I’ll find some colorful ideas in Cuba to use when I get back to the US! Watch this space, I’ll be back soon.

More Art with Friends

I think this one might be the start of a series. One little crowd card isn’t much but imagine a wall of them. Repurposed index card and magazine collage (as are the other two.)

This card is for color that’s good enough to eat.

Mary brought a whole book of American birds in black and white.


Blue Valentines

The latest Mail Me Some Art swap I am taking part in is Blue Valentines: Tiny ones, like the valentines some of us exchanged in grade school. Each participant makes eight and gets eight back sometime in February. The one in the upper left is my personal favorite.


Making Art with Friends

Nothing serious: laughing, talking and fooling around. Index card collage.