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Did I Do That?

I came across a cache of older collages, some of which look totally unfamiliar to me – or at least much more interesting than they did when I made them. I do remember creating the background paper for this, by pouring paint on, then tipping the paper around. Later I added toothbrush speckles.

Wonder bug wanders on stage

And another one that I remember much less clearly. The small text reads “For me that’s what did it, that singular moment. I was smitten.” Apparently Martha Stewart was involved, but probably in a K-Mart manifestation or out of a second-hand copy of her magazine.

See Thru It All


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The initial impetus was to use up the small bits in my small-bits box. Of course, that’s not how it worked out. Most of the small bits were not as I remembered, and I had lots of other bits I wanted to use.

I made a template of centered circles to work from and misplaced it. It took a long time to find the right-sized plates and cups to make a nest of circles, and when I was ready to sit down and work, I couldn’t face all that set-up again. So I used one plate as a template and worked out from a corner instead.

Eventually I realized this would make a good birthday card for my friend Barbara, who turned 80 last week. The references to “65” in the card are not relevant; they came off a drycleaner’s receipt.


The heart in the lower left right was excerpted from a collage that was otherwise a mixed success. The heart was in the lower left until I resized the image and rotated it. Sigh re resizing; this was more fun to look at when I inserted a bigger file.

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Tissue paper is hard to work with but sometimes it’s well worth it.


It’s a good thing I don’t have to restrict myself to just one palette …. no doubt that’s real coffee making that mottled coffee-colored background.

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Mysteries … WordPress has twice invalidated my perfectly good password, requiring me to get a new password and change it once again to something I can remember (the password that was invalidated, natch — I’ve become irrationally fond of it.)  But enough about my troubles.

I bought some pearlized lavender paint, and I want to go on record:  It is scary how pretty this paint is. I find myself daydreaming about what I can paint with it. I’m sure it won’t scan, so I won’t even try, but it really is delicious.

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A Day at the Beach

Some collagists often work with commercial postcards at the base, but I haven’t tried that very often. In the original, the added elements glue down almost seamlessly. I suppose I get a pretty good blend because the postcard and the magazine cuts are both glossy paper .


The next image isn’t my own work; I got it in a postcard swap. I wonder how the artist got the purple stamped image to dry smudge-free. The whole thing is wrapped in plastic of some kind for travel through the mail; it arrived safely.

See London on an Elephant

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