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Dragon’s Teeth

My notes on the back side say that I made this on my birthday in 2005. I intended to drop it in the mail as part of a postcard swap. But I was too fond of it, and not all that confident it would survive the mail. The dragon’s head came from Wired and the tiny stamp cutout from a catalog of US commemoratives . It looks like the background is woven paper reinforced with a good thick layer of acrylic medium. The weave lines don’t come through in the image.

Those teeth are USB connectors. At the time I probably didn’t even know what those were. I think it has verve.dragons-teeth

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The Strange Ones

This one’s a total love affair. First there was painting the background with pearlized lavender paint (among other paints and pastels, but the lavender was intense). Then there was the joy of using this coarse friable dark brown bark paper that I like so much. It’s hard to stick down; here it doesn’t really have to.


Then there was a thrill of finding “The Strangers,” a novel by a Canadian wildlife biologist. The book was sound but luckily, the dust jacket was abused by time and maybe a hot drink or rain shower in just the most satisfying way.

And I almost forgot to mention the aha moment when I realized that a scrap of watercolor, part of a going-nowhere paper weaving, would become a full moon that looks just right.

This may or may not be finished. I have the urge to add some strangers to it but that may be wrong. It could be that less is more.

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cuban-street-sceneHere’s a collage that isn’t ancient; a bit of a change. The base photograph comes off a recent Harvard Magazine cover (shhhh). The checked background is a fastfood wrapper. If I remember whose, I will eat there again. There are some gold foil for accents, which the scanner captured better than I expected. And the red dots that anchor the corners are used sandpaper.

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