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A Postcard to Africa

Postcard to South Africa

From Virginia to South Africa

I read the marvelous blog Se7en+1 (www.se7en.org.za) and participated in their postcard swap recently. It reminded me that I like to send and receive postcards, as well as make them, so I signed up for Postcrossings, too.  I scanned both sides of this card before mailing. The images should be credited to Virginia’s wildlife magazine and the winners of its recent photography contest.


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I need a stamp that reads “Created on the Occasion / Mailed Thereafter” because that is how I approach occasion-specific projects. But for once I am ahead of the curve.
The background is a misty landscape print originally recovered from the trash for its frame. The ornaments are cut from a photograph of holly, using a plastic template. The branch is drawn in crayon on a background from a different collage in progress. My favorite detail is the little ornament hangers carefully dotted on with felt tip pen. That solution dawned on me after wasting an hour looking for a royalty-free image of a red bow.
I think that the receding ornament on the left adds a little of depth to the piece. Only on the original can you see the cuts and joins, if you put your nose right on the paper.

Four holly ornaments hanging from a branch
Holly for the New Year

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