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I ventured out into the world of postcard-swapping via Postcrossings. It’s not an inexpensive hobby, as international postcard postage is $0.98 a pop. Many participants want postcards from real places rather than handmade art – the participants I’ve drawn do.

Via Postcrossings I “met” a boy in The Netherlands who practices “badminton without a net” in public places – what a hoot. I found a badminton icon from the Commonwealth Games and added a freehand rendition to postcard from a set about stone walls. I think he’ll like it.

The image is a PDF so you have to click the link to see it. badminton


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I don’t like human bodies with animal heads, but sometimes I make exceptions.

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I found this postcard, made about six months ago, unexpectedly. The base is a tourist card from Edinburgh. It needed some color, and it got some.

Edinburgh with tropical embellishments

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Striped postcard with a tiny tag on it

This postcard will never be mailed for fear it might lose its funny little Chinese-language tag with its string. Half the background is a repurposed dance poster, to which some scraps lying about made a perfect complement – I thought, and still think.

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