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In the Market

Magazine collage can be cool or dorky. I enjoy making both kinds, though I may keep the dorky ones private. For In the Market I tore and reassembled photos of consumer goods into a kind of stream of color consciousness. One of the original images, a pile of paint-box-colored towels, was totally seductive.

images of jewel colored consumer goods, reassembled

After I scanned this pretty thing, I played around with some effects in Paint Shop Pro and tried out “sandstone” in the textures menu. This is what I got:

Collage with sandstone effects added

I like both the original and the altered version, but I am inordinately proud that I could manipulate PSP into an effect I like, because I am a klutzy user who tends to forget the few tricks she learns.


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Rosy Three

It’s not easy to name your collages, especially if they are non-representational. Perhaps you will see a “3” when you look at this, or perhaps you won’t! I think it is one of the prettiest things I have ever done. And I have no idea where the original is …. but I saved this color copy.

a rose and gold non-representational collage

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Three New Things

Three new cards over the course of two weeks … it has been fun.

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