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Lay down your papers – good. Sand the gloss off – sort of good, finer sandpaper would have been better. Add paint, rub it into the scratches and wipe it off. Good. Lay down masking tape to lift off some of the surface. Not good on wet paint and damp paper. Pretty much everything lifts off.

So I inverted the tape and re-applied it. Good-ish, and I learned something.

abstract collage with whisk brushes


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I made this in a flurry, seize, rip, paste and it’s done. The arms on the right are not from an archeological site or a massacre; they are artist-made and you will probably see them in future collages.

abstract collage with a kitchen whisk

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Happy Dog

Increasingly I’m making postcards with recipients in mind. (Check out www.postcrossing.com if you want to send and receive postcards.) Sandra in Germany registered that she likes local views and also dogs. Though I have never lived near a North Country lake, my grandmother worked at a resort on such a lake in the early 1900s. I have seen the place, and it looks like this.

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Noble Offcuts

Trimmings and other offcuts can be just as eyecatching as the shapes you intended to make. This collage began when I focused on some offcuts just brushed aside on my chaotic work surface. ‘Twas the work of moments to realize their potential. collage of offcuts from other projects

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