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It’s not a collage, it’s a not a postcard and it’s not mine: It’s a brilliant cartoon from XKCD (http://xkcd.com/).


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Mighty Magpie

I painted the background while under the influence of art-journal people. Then I just hoarded it for a while. The magpie is scanned from a Reader’s Digest book of animal stories; the book has wonderful color lithograph illustrations.

It was a miracle that I figured out how to cut the magpie out of his matrix and paste him onto my background. This simplest of digital tasks, the first thing anyone learns when he gets Photoshop, right? has always escaped me. Between the masking and the transparency settings, I just didn’t get it. But briefly I did.

A good thing because I’m too enamoured of my background panel to actually paste anything on it.

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I had so many alternative titles for this postcard! “Chaos breaks in!” “Books do furnish a room.” “Why can’t I create and maintain a tidy living space?” (I am reading a book about hoarding.)

In the end I decided I liked the psychological distancing of the title I chose. Many of the books in the stack are about Matisse, but the postcard is not.


The pheasant comes from a Virginia wildlife magazine. I’ll write the title across the bookshelf on the final version. And add back the butterfly’s antenna. It’s not an impressive scan. You should see this printed on photo paper! Dazzling.

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A bird and a show

This postcard goes off to a postcrossing friend in Kiev who says she likes art and inspiration. The base is an art department poster; the campus where I work is a good source of posters on substantial paper with a matte finish. And it’s a public service to take down old posters.

The shoe comes from an advertising flyer and the ibis from a book about Egypt. I think there is a little too much stamping, but it’s hard to unstamp …

The postcard background is cream-colored. The back-background is a piece of cardboard laid on the scanner for contrast. I don’t like this tactic now that I’ve tried it. I think it’s better to add a border in PSP before posting. Maybe I’ll redo it some day.

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