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Up through June 9, and online for who knows how long, is an exhibition of Collage and Assemblage art at the Fountain Gallery in New York City. These good folks have posted a large set of images for those of us who live a long way from the Big Apple.


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Do other collagists do this? Attempt to create a new clear working space by pasting up everything that lies between them and the surface of the desk?

This is stage 1 of assembly. I laid out all the elements, then took a couple pictures to help me reconstruct after removing the top layers. Now I have begun pasting down. I used rubber cement, though I know I shouldn’t. It’s only for the big pieces on the bottom. The experts are right – rubber cement does not wrinkle lightweight paper.
The image is a clumsy reconstruction of a two part scan. The substrate is a big hunk of pizza box lid, most of which will be trimmed away to make a ~9 x 12 inch finished piece.

It doesn’t look like much yet but there are 20-30 more bits to paste on the next layers, probably using my glue machine … I know the name of it but all I’m coming up with is “zanax”! Update: Xyron.

My mate has been sent off for a multi-pack of gluesticks.

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Sometimes I get the urge to make a colorful envelope, but my weakness is that I hate to leave space for boring essentials like a stamp and an address. If you look at these two images, you will be hardpressed to see where a stamp or label could go!

I’ve seen mail art with stamp and address all over the place – but I think it’s a little risky and almost unkind to the postal workers. I am not the kind of person who would ever mail (for example) a shoe, just to prove I could.

I solved the conflict in this instance by making a vellum wrapper. If it holds up, my problem is solved. Update: I heard that my mail arrived safely.

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a zebra gallops into the picture space, with other fragmentsEnter Zebra is on the other side of Fetching (below) and now for the life of me I can’t think why. It’s more severely cropped and a soften filter has been applied to it.

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a little girl and her dogThe title will be a pun of sorts if/when I add some piece of lavish jewelry to the little dog’s mouth. The girl and her dog are from a children’s encyclopedia of animals. The girl has a certain not-age-appropriate glamour, a little like Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet.

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I ignored the band poster on the light stanchion at the crosswalk three times before I succumbed and tore it down. Where the tape came off, lovely white scars remained. It removed in two pieces, which I glued back together. Who calls their band Yarn?

Then I made a book fold into a structure with three inner spreads, plus outside covers. It becomes a folded collage surface; two-sided if I want to use it that way. In illustrations I’ve seen of this structure, the folded edges line up nicely, but that is not usually my experience with multi-page folded forms; tant pis.

I am working away at it using a 1982 Architectural Digest and a packet of papers from Tara from sendsomething.net. Here are three shots of work in progress.

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Michelle Ward at Green Pepper Press has issued a challenge to produce some work that varies the scale you are comfortable with. I’m thinking of making a pretty-big postcard. Basically it would be a flat rather than a postcard, to the postal service, but I don’t think they’d have any trouble delivering it. I hope I get a chance to try, before the June 1 target date.

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