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Keep This Coupon

Added comment 3/24/2011: Time passes, and now I like the over-worked-over version better …..
You are warned not to be timid in working over your collages, which is usually good advice. On the other hand, an artist I met said that she was successful as an art teacher because she knew when to take the paper away.

clear-the-desk-type collage with paint

I do wish someone had taken my paper away. I liked the image better before I applied acrylic paint when I really wanted a glaze.

Fortunately I do have an image of the original, which I scanned through two layers of a plastic bread bag from Shank’s Bakery. (Below, the bread bag is just a backdrop, for fun.) The light scatters in marbley ways.

collage and bread wrapper

Something a little jokier is in the works, but it is time, for now, to take the scanner and the keyboard away ….


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thyme roots scanned against cream paperThese roots were retrieved when I admitted at last that my potted thyme was not dormant but dead. I scanned them against some lightly textured cream paper. Now I can let them go. It’s too bad that at screen resolution, you can’t really see the fine structure.

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