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The original swimmer and tropical shoreline looked spooky to me, though it came from a tourist advertisement meant to evoke a different kind of mood. So I pasted in a new sky and a weird planet. Now I like it!


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A basket of new and old things –

Big Red began life as a mosaic of two images – the label from a bottle of California Big House Red and a postcard from China, which seemed to have compatible colors. Then I kept going for a while. The original is 8 x 10 because at first I thought the mosaic would stand alone.

Don’t I wish I made this. It is a Russian postcard dated 1982, and the painting is by an artist with the dates 1875-1957, name not yet transliterated from Cyrillic. It looks so cool on this hot day. A treasure from the thrift store.

More coolness. I made the paste paper with friends at a women’s retreat several years ago. The original is pleasantly ripply. Rippley?

Elegant style magazines at 25 cents apiece. I bought a pile of them. You could take everything else away and leave me with Metro and some glue stick: I’d be fine. Nice heavy matte-finish paper.

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