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October Leaves

more leaves of a palm leaf book in the makingleaves of a palm leaf book in the making

In a book structure called a palm leaf book, the pages are strung on cords like the blades of a Venetian blind. To read it or look at the book, you spread out the pages along the cord or cords that link them. When you are finished, you draw the pages back together and wrap the cord around them to protect the book.

The palm-leaf book in the making is “October Leaves,” and there will be 31 of them when I am finished. The goal is to preserve some pretty paper scraps from my work table, but some collage and stamping has crept in.

Book artist and teacher Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord shows you a way to make palm leaf books. Her blog http://blog.susangaylord.com/ is a constant source of delight.

Today is a perfect fall day to be outside and I am spending it in my favorite way – inside, with books and art. We can handle a little chill and keep the doors open, closing them briefly if the furnace kicks on. You just can’t collage in a light wind.

I hope you too are enjoying this, the best month of the year.


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