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Collage with a lot of red

Speaks brightly for itself.


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cropped image of a girl in high boots and umbrellaA little miss constructed on my sister’s dining room table. She has been cleaned up just a bit in PaintShop Pro but is mostly the product of real cutting and pasting. A template from Art Projects for Kids got me started, and the vintage fabric of her skirt is a photocopy of real fabric.

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Where Have I Been?

Geese plying across a winter scene

A serious TV addiction cut into my art time over the last few months, but it couldn’t last. This digital collage captures the spooky nature of some of the stuff I’m watching. In fact, we haven’t had this kind of snowy gray winter at all.

Saying “thank you” to images from a JMU student newspaper calendar and an LL Bean catalog as well as the little digital filter program called “CameraBag.”

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