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Two Ready Roosters

Longer legs seem to make a more cheerful-looking bird … maybe he plans a quicker escape? These two roosters were made practically one after the other, and they display different temperaments.
Collage rooster on a blue background

Collaged rooster on a red background with long yellow legs


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My sister and I had occasion this spring to talk about roosters from our past. We grew up to the sounds of roosters in home/farmsteads to either side of us, and we can’t wrap our heads around people who think of the noise as, well, “noise.” To us it sounds like morning.

On her cool blog Arts Projects for Kids, Kathy Barbro posted a rooster project that we are both going to try. Results depend not on your art skills but on the colorfulness of your recyclables. It’s Kathy’s May 21 entry. Watch this space.

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