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a collage with text, mostly blue and yellowA desk-top-cleaning project, using a discussion prompt. It’s a good question; one worth answering every six months or so. The collated answers would be a life history.

On this card I inserted road map “background” after the foreground was done, which is persnickety work.


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At the Museum

Stylizied critters in a gallery of classical statues
For fun.

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Up with the bats, who are still flying when the birds are only making wake-up noises, to begin the longest day of the year with something I like to do.

There’s something about machinery in unexpected places.
Machinery in Elegant PlacesThe Philippines issued a beautiful stamp to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Asian Pacific Postal Union. What a miracle world-wide postal service is. stamps commemorating the Asian Pacific Postal Union 50th Anniversary

I called this one “what the stargazer missed. It was really just for fun. What the stargazer missed

Finally, an older Norwegian postcard and surely a photo taken late on a long summer night. The statue on the right is of the violinist Ole Bull.

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The Golden Gate Bridge superimposed on another imageI picked up this postcard of Mohawk Mountain House by error when I was reaching for a card I thought was much more interesting (can’t say what, now.) I decided to use it for experiments in digital cutting and pasting. The experiment might be going somewhere, unlike the bridge …

Whoops, we see what we expect to see! It’s Mohonk Mountain House and it’s still in operation.

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a selection from an old collage I like this selection from a larger, older collage where I was experimenting with painting over and scraping off. Raffle tickets are a favorite ephemera, or maybe that should be “ephemerum.”

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On the Run

A zebra lopes across an imagined landscape

Another successful pass at cutting and pasting, eliminating background. The zebra image comes from a pack of copier paper, while the background is original collage.

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