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fish and icebergs abused by spray paint
We recklessly installed our new computer, and tonight I’ve been re-installing or in some cases re-ordering/upgrading programs, such as Paint Shop Pro, which I sometimes use to manipulate, or at least resize, the images I put up here. Turns out I cannot upgrade — my original PSP is too many generations back from the curve.

So to play with this collage, I am just using MS Paint, which is a lot of fun. I’ve treated the original collage as street art, spray painting all over it.

I’ll go back to the original artifact and work on the surface with some pastels. I’ve gotten some interesting effects doing that before.

The under-the-bed-monster of new computer installations has been stuffed back into the closet for tonight!


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This collaged postcard is headed for a mail art exhibit in Finland. I’d been saving this product bag forever. UPDATE August 13: I know it arrived because I am listed online as one of the exhibitors. Now I am checking from time to time for hoped-for online documentation, so I can see what company I’m keeping.


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Collage of Philippine postage stamps on watercolor background
Watercolor and postage stamps.

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