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Autumn Mail Art

… Or it could be late summer, just look at that light. I found a calendar at Goodwill with 12 months of American highway scenes. My perverse favorite was a downhill shot of a Beacon Hill, Boston, street in the snow, with snow-plow-buried cars on both sides of the lane. But I made an envelope out of this one instead, since it’s the right time of year for it.

I want to mail it with a stamp that offers better color coordination than the American flag.

mail-art envelope, green and gold


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The challenge here was to use two green handpainted papers that were not as contrasty as I expected. Both were made with watercolors on crumpled copier paper. Highlighting with colored pencil finally seemed to do the trick. I like the paper but am not sure what else to do with it.

abstract work with handpainted green paper

In contrast to the previous posted image, this one looks brighter than the original and shows more contrasting detail. There’s a lot I don’t really understand about image processing.

These guys might be aquatic or interstellar.

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purple fish cruising over magenta icebergsThe post from July 26 showed digital painting over a rudimentary collage. Now I’ve had the chance to add to the original base collage using more paper and chalk pastel. There’s a little bit of gesso-resist at work here.

I had to tweak the contrast and brightness settings a little to get the scanned image to resemble the original more. Don’t know why.

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A New Art Journal

Only the cover so far; and a few souvenirs pasted inside, like an oak leaf rubbing from the Oak Grove Folk Festival, which takes place in an authentic oak grove, a small one, on the side of a hill in Verona, Virginia. It’s still a little timid-looking; off to a slow start, but that doesn’t matter.

the cover of a new collage journal

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I made this blue print with a trickle of lentils around a form, quickly removed. The kit comes with an acetate window in a cardboard frame for holding your objects in place; and because the lentils aren’t flat (though you’ve probaby always thought of lentils as flat!), they are a little out of focus. I think it looks like the corona around some celestial obect, photographed from far, far away.

I just read that once again I have let the Perseid meteor showers pass me by. That gives me a new idea for laying out my lentils.

A halo around some celestial object, made with lentils in a trickle around a form.

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Sunprints are a good craft for people with short attention spans. Three minutes of exposure + 1 minute of rinsing and you can go on to the next print or do something else. This is one of my first sunprints. I scanned it and worked in Paint Shop Pro to add the oval internal frame as well as the outer border. These simple steps took much longer than the original print.

After a couple more tries to get the image to upload, I’ll give up and come back later. My new computer doesn’t seem to talk to the world as comfortably as the old one did.

But eventually it did.

a blue sunprint of a garden weed

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