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A Boot Tree

A scan of a take-home bag from the dentist; a Belk department store flyer; a corner clipped from a White Flower Farms return postcard; a couple small pieces of hand-painted paper … some glue stick and a play on words. And then I had breakfast.

Once scanned, the image called for some cleaning up – glue joins that are just part of the fun in the making stage really seem to stick out later.

Though it’s a spring-like image, the subdued dusty colors seem right for fall. I liked it so much that I made four prints and mailed them off as postcards. And someone got the original.

a whimsical tree image - the tree grows out of a boot


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A card from Lee in the B&W swap through Mail Me Some Art. I liked all the cards I got, but this one spoke to a bumpy week just past: A relevant question and a certain amount of unraveling, in the postcard’s case, unraveling in the mail. I do like it when mailed postcards get a little beat up. It shows they’ve really been around the track.

One of my B&W postcards came back to me because I wrote my own address in a horizontal orientation, and the post office scanner picked it up before it picked up the “to” address. So I’ll try not to make that mistake again. Other postcarders be warned.

Lee’s card is entirely B&W. The greeny border come from a page I put down over it on the scanner, which otherwise produces sickly blue-gray borders from light leakage.

A postcard with the legend "Are you tough enough"

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Thanks, Gina! You had no idea I had Canadians in my family tree, from the farms and woodlands around Stanhope in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Lovely up there now, I bet, but they’ve probably had frost(s).

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