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Cards like this one remind me to experiment with working with smaller pieces. Thank you to the artist who made it. It’s too good to sequester in a postcard collection, so I’ll mail it to someone soon.

collage by Franca from Germany features a white bird on blue background


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The Peak

abstract postcard collage with a black peak or bat wing dominating

Is it a peak or a bat wing? Made late at night after a large late lunch…! The original goes off in the mail tomorrow.

I remember now, I made the colored background in a test run with my new-then Prismacolor art stix. Copying the resulting scribbles on colored paper came out pretty well, I think.

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Color wheel

A packet of treasures from a paper artist in Germany included among its treasures a teabag-sized enclosure full of snippets. Joining them with other snippets, I made a wheel of color for Tracy’s birthday card.

circular collage made of small paper bits

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I needed a mailer for gift tags with long fuzzy yarn tails, and I thought of this empty Ghirardelli chocolates bag. (No surprise that it was an empty bag.) The bag has pleated sides with a lot of give. As a bonus, it even smells a little chocolatey.

The cell-phone flash off the shiny bag obliterates a lot of the details, but you can see what I’ve pinned my hopes on. Don’t fail me, USPS, I have a lot of faith in you!

By the way, though I’m not a skilled Photoshop user, I definitely like their BLUR tool. PaintShop Pro probably has an analogous tool … I’ll have to look for it. It’s handy when you are publishing images that have people’s personal data in them.

chocolates bag used as an envelope

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Karen of Mail Me Some Art has made a video record of each duct tape journal she received for the swap in October. I praise her patience! I finished mine so close to the deadline that I didn’t scan a single page, and I really loved that book.

I covered most of the surfaces with collage, magazine covers, and the like. It won’t take a lot of additional thoughts to fill up this journal!

UPDATE: The videos don’t stay up forever, but it was great while it lasted.

This book form is really an unstitched pamphlet held together with a wrap of elastic or ribbon or twine. The duct tape wraps the spine of the outermost page — the cover — so that the pressure of the elastic doesn’t collapse it. The whole business slops some and relieves the bookmaker of any pressure to trim the fore-edges, because the uneveness is completely unavoidable.

I’m really liking this form, and I have two more going: a little quarter-page journal and a long tall one that starts with 8.5 inch square pages.


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Two Bookmarks

I’m looking forward to getting two bookmarks in exchange for these two to be mailed tomorrow. A couple days late …. 

And where does that ugly black border come from ???

2 bookmarks, one collaged and one watercolor

I’m doing more, though posting less ….

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