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January Blue

a room with blue wallpaper Matisse made several (maybe ‘many’) paintings of a view from a window overlooking the sea. I always intended to use that idea some day. Yesterday my stepdaughter showed up with blue-and-white wrapping paper, so I got going at last. You can see how this idea has any number of applications.


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Art Journaling

EPSON MFP imageI’m doing a month-long collage journal project by Kelly Kilmer. It’s called a course but I think of it more as “guided play.” I did pay for it, so there’s some pressure on me to follow the leader, which I’m finding a valuable discipline.

Though January has 31 days, my journal will probably be about a dozen pages long. I’m wrestling with prompts and set formats, neither of which lie in my natural direction. Like several other participants, I ‘m reluctant to write on my collages, but I want to find out what I’m missing by not doing so.

I was drawn to this project primarily because the leader uses lots of magazine materials, and magazines are a big source of collage imagery for me. The glossy surfaces are challenging to write on (and one constraint proposed for this project is to use dry media only), so I also want to experiment with ways to make marks without buying new tools. I did buy a bronze Sharpie ….. and I found out you can stamp on bandage tape.


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