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Three postcards from the Word Art swap arrived today. One expresses my sentiments exactly: More real mail please (and I better send some, too.)

Can you read it? It says, “Look, real mail, in with all the bills and junk!” I added the arrow in my editing program. Thanks, friends!


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… Are carrots in Dutch. In Spain this spring, I saw vegetables growing both in open fields and under plastic; then a week later in the Netherlands, I bought carrots from Spain at the supermarket. “Herkomst: Spanje.” Lastly, my friend Gladys bought field-grown local carrots for me at the farmer’s market last weekend, and I ate ’em. So, this celebration of carrots, on hand-painted cardboard, with a new stencil, too.


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I’m always drawn to old calendars at my Gift and Thrift store (a Mennonite charity resale store, not a discount chain), where they are 10 cents apiece. Calendar pages make good, quick envelopes. I usually embellish and address the back of the envelope rather than the side where the primary image shows. The bluebird of the title fills the other side of this envelope completely. I couldn’t imagine writing an address on it.

In addition to the National Wildlife calendar that this bluebird envelope came from, I have a calendar of pictures of Piatagorsk in Russia that’s so big that the pages could be used for wrapping paper. I suppose it ended up in the Shenandoah Valley courtesy of our Russian immigrant population.

This envelope’s going out today ….The Allysum stamp from the new-ish floral Forever series is a good match.


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The final version of this “Word Art” postcard for Mail Me Some Art is pretty different from the prototype. The choice between “leafy greens” and “grass green” was harder than you’d think. There’s an intermediate utterly-failed version using textured watercolor paper with colored pencil. That was not a felicitous combination!

(And if anyone has tips on sharpening a good Prismacolor pencil without the lead dropping out of it, please share. I think I may need a pen knife.)

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