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That’s for sure!




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Weird things happen when they meet.


These cookie assortments aren’t very good, but don’t you love the lettering on the package? The gelly pen marks (for example, the eyeglasses) are more vivid than they scan. I’d wear that blouse too, though it’s Armani or Gucci or something, and way out of my price range.

The second card shows the cookies themselves to better advantage … If I had a locker, I’d paste this on it.


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One of today’s adventures. It looks a little raw to me now and may need some embellishment after all. Before it’s mailed it’ll also need a broad swath of transparent tape, because it has slits and paper weaving; it’ll jam the sorting machines.

Later today I pulled out the paints and did some grungier things. It was so hot that the paint dried instantly.


You may see quite a few of these surfers in coming weeks; I have a special photography issue of Surf World or some such glossy mag. (more…)

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I made a slew of orange postcards last month for a swap. They have been received, so now I’m going to post them here, one or two at a time.

They were some of my favorite cards ever.


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I’ve been working on a single-page-fold book to be shared with folks who take part in Mail Me Some Art. Here’s how we’re making them. Or here.

To keep this project simple, a person would (1) use letter-sized paper as instructed and (2) not fold and cut before creating all the content and, if she was making multiples, (3) definitely not fold and cut before making copies from her master copy. But I blew it on all these fronts. I had a big envelope I wanted to re-use, and I was just too eager to see how it would look as a book to want to work in the flat.

So, having made an original that is too big for my scanner bed, I had to scan it in sections and stitch them together in PaintShop Pro. I can’t believe that worked! Next I printed the image to a PDF. Lastly, over to Fedex/Kinkos (wonderful people here in my town) to print the copies on tabloid-sized paper so I can trim and fold and share.

I guess you can see why for once, I started this project ahead of the deadline. But I’m crazy about the result.

The image below is one spread of the four 2-page-spreads that this bookform folds into. I’ll post just one in case the future recipient is watching.


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Each (Peach)


Speaks for itself.

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Graffiti art

Graffiti art doesn’t always get through to me, but this installation from an exhibition by Barry McGee at the ICA in Boston definitely did. The guy standing on the can is a mannikin whose spraying arm moves rhythmically back and forth. It’s uncanny.


I feel about the ICA as I do about the Embassy Cinema in Kendall Square: It’s worth suspending judgment and just looking at/watching whatever art/movies those institutions have curated for you. I’ve never been sorry and I’ve always been saturated by the experience.

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