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This collage answers a challenge to use three mini-collage sheets provided by a fellow MMSA participant. Aside from coloring in the little border squares, I am finished with it. I like its funky spirit, though I wish the border wasn’t quite so squiggly. It was late and I was hurrying. The whats-it in the upper left was supposed to be a street light, but I think it turned into something else.

I made this card on recycled cardstock and pasted plain paper over the printing that showed. I gave the white background a digital remodeling for the blog posting … I just like it better. Done and fun, and I hope the original survives the mail, because there is a lot of gluestick here.

Nothing to post for the next week because I will be out of town, away from the scanner, and my phone is just not that smart. But that’s not to say I won’t be gluing stuff all the same.


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The next MMSA swap calls for purple postcards, so this morning I got up and painted three card blanks purple. While re-arranging the desktop to make a flat space where they could dry, I came across something else, and something else, then I opened an envelope of clever treasures from La Wendula, and the next thing I knew I had this.


I’m not sure it’s

    purple enough

but I sure do like the helter-skelter of it.

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Back to the Grid

When I want to do something and don’t know what, I like to fall back on the grid. Standard postcards divide so neatly into 24 one-inch grid segments that it’s very easy to get started and not too picky to complete.

In this case, I was trying to come up with my own postcard for the Climate Change Mail Art call (which see — ) and I completed this. I’ve also tried overlaying some text about feeling threatened and unsure, but choosing the right font color … other than black, of course … to stand out clearly over a multi-colored background has been difficult, so I’m still working on that.

I hope some of you will want to submit climate change postcards for the art show in November … deadline October 10.


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I’ve started a series of faces. If eventually one (or more) strikes me as a self-portrait, I’ll put it into the mid-September MMSA swap.

another face

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I’ve done it! I’ve set up the infrastructure for a mail art call on the topic of Climate Chaos / Climate Change. Here it is; how will you respond?

Description: Art work in any mail-able medium that demonstrates your concern about climate chaos and climate change.

Size: Postcard size, roughly 4 x 6 inches. Both postcards and decorated envelopes are welcome. We won’t be opening the envelope, so let the envelope be your art.

Deadline: October 10, 2013, to Climate Change Mail Art, PO Box 369, Harrisonburg, VA 22803-0369

Exhibition: Submissions will hang in an art exhibit sponsored by the Climate Action Alliance of the Valley. The show opens November 1 in Ruby’s Lounge in downtown Harrisonburg, Virginia, and will be up throughout the month. In addition, the art we receive will be shown online in the blog http://climatechangemailart.wordpress.com.

Caveats: We hope this show will be seen by people of all ages. Avoid obscenity please! [Even, I wanted to add, if the prospect of climate chaos makes you mad as he** …]

Just a reminder: No mail art will be returned.

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A fat little package from Mail Me Some Art (http://mailmesomeart.blogspot.com/) brought me five mini-zines from other artists who take part in this ongoing art swap. Each is made from a single sheet of letter-sized paper, folded and snipped. Each is utterly different from the others, and all are full of ideas I can use the next time we do mini-zines.


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I’m working on a plan to issue my own first call for mail art, on the theme of climate chaos and climate change. Though I am not actively involved in advocacy on this issue, I know people who are, and I decided this could be my contribution to their art exhibit this fall. If this works out, you’ll find a link here to the blog where I’ll post the images that are submitted.

UPDATE: Go to http://climatechangemailart.wordpress.com and see what you think about taking part in this.

As usual at the outset of a project like this, I’m worried both that I will receive too many submissions and that I won’t receive enough! Isn’t it easy to find something to worry about??

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