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Climate Change Mail Art

Hello, followers,

I want to remind you that I’ve got another blog going through December. It’s at “climatechangemailart.wordpress.com” and it’s my first attempt to promote and manage a mail art call. Here’s an example of things I’ve received so far.


I hope some of you will send me a postcard or decorated envelope for this call. The art will be shown during the month of November at Ruby’s Lounge in Harrisonburg, Virginia. I’ve got a published deadline of October 10, but there’s some flexibility on that.

I’ve gotten lots of response from European mail artists – that’s been a big surprise. And I’ve been really unsuccessful in creating any local interest, so in the remaining days, I need to work on that.

Lots to keep me busy! To make me busier, send your mail art to Climate Change Mail Art, PO Box 369, Harrisonburg, VA 22803-0369.


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Look What I Found

I was searching for my circle template, which is about 2 by 6 inches and easy to lose despite being bright blue, when I came across this card. I wish I had dated it … I know it’s from the past year because it uses a bronze marker that is a fairly recent acquisition. The metallic marker’s only shortcoming is that it doesn’t scan well. It looks gray.

If it hadn’t been for the marker, I would not have recognized this as my own work. I must have made it in the zone because I have no memory of it. But I like it!


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