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Here’s a new collage made from a postcard I picked up on the Outer Banks this summer. The lighthouse, the Nags Head Light, had already been moved inland once at the time the photo was taken, and it has been moved again since then. The sea keeps creeping up on it.



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Whilst up-loading the images in the post before this one, I saw the thumbnails for more creepy skull postcards. I love ’em and I can’t wait to get the ones that are swapped back to me, too. It’s hard to imagine now why I was loathe to use this imagery for so long.


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The color brown and all its fellows, especially pinky-beige, are favorites of mine. This brown postcard swap for MMSA is right up my alley. I like this one:
… and I also like applying a swirl filter just for the fun of it.
I like this one, too, magazine collage, what I always go back to. The sign in the middle is a cryptic identifier from the bottom of a brown paper grocery bag.

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Absorbed …

I did manage to complete two cards for the “security envelope” swap (Mail Me Some Art), but I’m so preoccupied with the Climate Change Mail Art project (go look at it!) that I mailed my two cards without scanning them. Gone forever, unless I snatch the images from Karen’s site.

I’m not sure I ever showed you this one. It’s from a year ago. The darn is authentic. I really loved patching this glove and getting some more use out of it. And of course making a postcard out of it.

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Day-of-the-Dead images with their embellished skulls have always seemed over-the-top creepy to me. This year, though, there’s a swap … and so I am overcoming my loathing and making some creepy postcards.
Creepy enough? No? Well, I’m working on it.
You might want to look up Frida Kahlo’s “Girl with Desk Mask.” Or you might not.

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