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Center Yourself

A good mantra…
And a holiday-season wish to fellow artists and friends. If you are doing too much, do less.


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Women in the Wall

The central image on this card is the cover of a paperback novel about 6th century royal and monastic women in France. I added the owl and the ear cuff, the coins and, of course, the lines. Since some of the women religious in this story are literally immured, I could have built a much denser wall of lines around the central image. I was too fond of the other elements to do that.
Now that I have used the original image, I can think of other ways to build on this substrate. But I try to follow the advice not to save materials until you discover the hypothetical best use for them but just to use them up and let the stream bring you more.

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Something to Try at Home

Here’s an idea I am definitely going to try. I like the way it combines mark-making and magazine images because I love to use magazine images, then always ask myself “now what??”

This is work by Carroll Davies posted (with other folks’ food-themed postcards on November 21) at Mail Me Some Art. Here is a link to more of Carroll’s work, which I think I’m gonna like a lot when I make time to look at it.

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Painted Backgrounds

Postage stamps are a good resource when you’ve made a painted background and just don’t want to cover it up with anything. I think art journalers who create a page and then PAINT ALL OVER IT and decorate it some more are very zen: They make it and let it go. Not me.
See the chopped up top edge? That’s an authentic grunge touch. The base is a piece of thick packaging cardboard and will probably require first class postage. Thick postcards travel as “flats” for a few pennies more.
But at least this thick card didn’t curl. I am working on a series of cards made from a painted bakery box, and I’m losing the battle against curl. Maybe if I parked a tank on top of them … for a year … or painted the other side. We’ll see.

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Turn Around

Annie sent me a handsome postcard from the Pacific Northwest. She wrote “I know it’s an ad [for an acupuncture practice], but I liked the sentiment and thought of you.” I thought it deserved some transformation and turn-around, so I altered it minimally and it’s going out to someone on my “next postcard” list.

Sometimes just a little dab’ll do it. Thank you, Annie.

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What Is It?

I don’t know yet. It might be the front page of a new art journal/book of collages. It’s folded like a triptych, and only this front page has any work done on it yet. Its apparent theme is “I wonder what this will look like” and/or “clear the desktop.”
The next postcard challenge I am working on has “white” as its theme. I doubt my scanner will make much sense of those!

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