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One Out of Three

I made three postcards yesterday. I like two of them and really really like this one.
I especially like working with postage stamps but don’t always feel I have found a good way to use them. If you look closely, you’ll see that three are real stamps and two are stamp-shaped cutouts with a little faux cancellation added. I’ll add some faux denominations before I mail the card.


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Parts of a Triptych

I’ve recently gotten back to this 6-panel project. This is the front panel with its title “Matter & Energy,” about as all encompassing a title as you can get.

The first inside panel is dominated by an old-world brick building on a canal. I want to work over it more but leave the wall visible. I like this panel, so far.

The next panel I have worked on is pretty unloved at this stage, but of course there is hope for it. Two inner panels are hidden under it (and no work done on them yet.)

This is my real favorite!

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Or maybe just a surprise Christmas present to myself. This card was wrapped in wax paper and stacked amidst a tower of books to dry and flatten. I just found it by accident. It would look nice matted on a piece of gold card. I wonder if I have a piece of gold card?
The bottom layer is a piece of painted card with some stamping on it. The top layer is commercial patterned tissue paper. The “swirls of snow” were created by the gel medium as it spread unevenly when the two pieces were smooshed together.

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A New Picture Book

I like to save pictures — cut-outs from magazines, postcards and greeting cards, and the like — and not always in order to make other images out of them. It’s been a while since I had a book to paste pictures into. Hence, a new picture book made from an inexpensive sketch book. (The truth is, I don’t sketch, but I do sometimes buy sketchbooks.)
I have have been dipping into “Nemesis Wife:” “… day by day, night by night, her charming, chilling husband led her toward liberation at last from her torturous doubts — or else into a deadly trap.” But it’s not much fun to handle it without its cover…

There’s packing tape over the cover of the picture book to protect the cutouts without using a wet medium like gesso or gel medium. I didn’t want to take the risk of rippling or curling and I sure didn’t want to lose any pieces.

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The mailbox came with the house. The house got a fresh coat of paint, but the mailbox didn’t. I bought dark red spray paint but never sprayed.
Tanya B of Creative Renovations took care of this and several other small projects for me yesterday. Sometimes the right thing to do is Hire Somebody. My sister has known this forever, but I am the slower learner.

Future mail art you get from me comes from this delicious red mailbox! I should go make some.

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Post Office Angels

I am a huge fan of the Post Office and glad to be doing my small share to keep them staggering along with what seems to me amazing service considering the volume of mail that gets moved around.

I am especially impressed when mail art is delivered to me with both my street number and my city incorrect!
No slam intended on the sender, who has a voluminous correspondence and a huge address book into which some glitches must creep. I hope she as well as the rest of you will just enjoy this tale of USPS steadfastness.

I wonder if my route carrier is the real hero? He might remember the weird outgoing mail he picks up here, enabling him to recognize this letter had to be for me.

By the way, it’s now marked up so I can use it as an inside envelope for another letter.

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Sleeping Bags

I saw this advertisement in a regional outdoors giveaway magazine. I’d still be winter camping if I’d had one of these body hugging sleeping bags back in the day! Well, maybe not … but the photo shoot itself seemed a little loony to me, so I decided to tweak it some more. I carried my gel pens to New England and back untouched, but now I’m back in the game.


I used a very old postcard backing, one of the last two or three from a pack of 500 that got me started long ago in this postcard-making thing. The adhesive is unreliable, so the art is secured to the backing with packing tape. You can see the blue background change color at the boundaries.

Is there a scientific reason that most colors of gel pen look white to the scanner??

There’ll be nights I wish I had such a sleeping bag this winter.

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