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This postcard will have a rough time in the mail. And I know of ways to protect it – packing tape, cling wrap, even a mailer cover. But I think I will brave it and see how it goes.

The waxy covering on the back of the corrugated square is the biggest problem. The PVA glue probably won’t hold it, so I went with staples. But it still might get chewed up.

If you receive this postcard and it’s badly mutilated, I can send you a photocard of the same image; I would like you to have it as it was meant to be.
corrugated square


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I wasn’t planning to indulge in this week’s MMSA swap, because I don’t have much feel for horses …. but the swaps are such a part of my life that I didn’t want to be left out, either. After I thought of some wordplay to add to the image (“horse” for “north”), I felt more in the groove. I used some rough-surfaced heavy paper from the Dartmouth College Library Craft Sale. It was interesting to see what media it would take; pens, colored pencils were out, but it was very receptive to stamping. A light hand with felt tip marker made soft lines that were compatible with the mottled paper.


If you enlarge the image, you can see that the substrate is “word paper,” made from pulp that includes some chewed up text. I’ve got the urge to go upstairs and make some, but I’ve got enough projects in process for one day already.

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The theme of “Time” is potentially a deep one. I just went with a deep bath: “Bath time!”

The substrate is two painted pieces stuck together by too much paint. It was thick and inflexible so I attached first-class letter postage. Here’s hoping it travels safely. The list on the right, you probably figured out, came from a soap manufacturer.

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Art Happens

Being an admirer of the little books that some artists I admire make from found travel paper, I worked on this during a ten-day stay in Hanover, NH. The cover’s the best bit, but there you have it, you have to make a lot of art to make a lot of good art. An orphaned envelope book from a long-ago SwapBot swap got put to use.

art-happens-booklet Like the thumb cut? I do! And PaintShopPro6’s background eraser did a pretty good job for me, though it couldn’t quite handle the yarn tail hanging down from the binding. Still, you get the idea.

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