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I’m starting to work with the watercolor backgrounds I made in Miami. There’s no obvious explanation for this one … just playing around with what I found on the desktop. The goofy cat is the last of his tribe.

It would be neat to understand why gel pen lines do not scan in true colors. The meandering lines on this card are yellow and electric orange, but they scan as a pale tone of no distinction at all.


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Water colors

I passed part of a warm afternoon in Florida painting sheets of watercolor paper and cutting them into card blanks. Drying time is about a minute in the breeze here in Coconut Grove. Alas, no visuals: I don’t have that kind of camera. At the Viscaya mansion a few days ago, I scored some mango colored tissue paper that was headed for the trash. I must have 20 sheets of it. When I get home to my wet glues, I think I will be able to produce some pretty postcards with these resources! But first, three days on the road. Scribble designs, maybe …

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I started these cards with an eye to building on the winter storm colors and imagery suggested in the base. But despite the blowing snow outside, my attitude shifted toward spring. My experiments affirm that crayon and gel pens both work well on everyday matte photo paper. It’s not at all slick.
There’s a simple card:
snow day art day 1
The beach glass image in the lower right is from a wine label. Maybe that’s why I’m at peace with the snow … it’s the wine.
Then there’s the more exuberant, or messy, card:snow day art day 2
It’s definitely springier. Elevator snipped from The Economist.
Into the visual journal they go. I made them a page with two pockets and wrote about my postponed travel — that’s where the art day came from, travel delays.

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