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The upcoming theme for Mail Me Some Art‘s weekly postcard swap is “found poetry.” Collecting words was fun; assembling them into something either meaningful or intriguing was more difficult than I expected. Here’s one on a hand-painted paper background.


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magritte eye
This visual journal page began with Kathy Barbo’s project in imitation of an eye painted by Rene Magritte. I used markers, Crayola crayons, colored pencils, stamping, handwriting, and tissue paper. Then I scanned the collage through saran wrap to be sure I didn’t leave fixative residue on my scanner bed. Scanner reflections are a great final touch.

I scanned again through waxed paper this time (creates overall vagueness), extracted the eyeball image and played with color controls in PaintShop Pro. I could see mark-making on this if it were printed on a tinted paper.

magritte eye waxed

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Today I resolved to send mail art to people I’ve received things from in the last couple months. Sorting my desk top, I found both cards I had made and cards I had received. Once the jumble was cleared, it wasn’t hard to match up the two categories. It’s a lot to look at.




blue yellow band



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For this year’s Liberate Your Art swap, I sent in this postcard-sized collage. The original is on a rough cut of corrugated cardboard, so this swap was perfect for it, since a photo-reproduction of an original is what’s needed. I received some fascinating stuff in return, and I’m very grateful to all the participants, and to Kat, the organizer.

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Spring Gobbler Season

This weekend I had the chance to teach a single-sheet book form and then sit around a table making collages in the books we made. I titled my book “Spring Gobbler Season” because it incorporated a spooky photo of hunters in camouflage that I felt the need to get pasted down. And because most of the elements in it are green. Here’s one scan:


The other pictures are in a Flickr photoset here. A special pleasure was renewing an old acquaintance and discovering that Joan too makes collages. By the time I returned to Virginia, my grass was green.

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