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She’s a little rough, but I like her. This card is my first outing with an opaque white marker. I thought it would be a little more opaque, but I’m still thrilled to have it.

The source illustration may be by Jessie Wilcox-Smith. I recycled the documentation before I started to wonder. A search for “Jessie Willcox Books in Winter” will lead you to an image that could be me or my sister as tiny adorable girls, with books.


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A good use for digital effects! I made a postcard in imitation of one of Sonia Delaunay’s circle paintings. I learned a lot from it, but I wasn’t blown away by the appearance. I was using markers on drawing paper, and I didn’t get the coverage I would have liked in the time I could give it. The result was a bit of a let-down.

But by applying the Mosaic effect at 25 x 25 in PaintShopPro, I got an image that I really like.

My printer is refusing to print the result [trouble-shooting to be conducted later] but from what I can see, I am out of cyan ink, and that outcome is also pretty handsome, too. You never do know what will happen if you keep truckin.’

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I missed the deadline for the single-letter-themed postcard swap a month ago, but when I found my cut-outs in the desk-rubble, I decided to make a card anyway, for the letter S. My favorite is the salami, or it may be the skull.Letter-S

Update: The recipient was baffled by the “S”ignificance of the pink bit at the top right. I didn’t think of it at the time, but it is a “S”tripe. I was just playing with some new decorative tape when I slapped it on.

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I spent [amount of time unspecified] by the postcard rack at Gift & Thrift yesterday and encountered another postcard enthusiast there. She told me there are lots of postcards in the back, if you ask to see them. I wouldn’t dare … At 5 cents apiece, the “not special” postcards out front are a real deal. For the antique postcards, they get a fair price, though still very reasonable.

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I had lots of watercolor backgrounds to begin with – it was just a matter of picking one (two).


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In the August 26, 2013 issue of The New Yorker, Alex Wilkinson wrote about Mark Landis, an obsessive art forger who gave “European art works” that he had in fact painted himself to more than 20 American art museums. It was years before anyone realized what he was doing, which (the FBI said) did not actually break any laws. At length a dogged curator set out to protect his colleagues from this lonely man’s odd compulsion.

It wasn’t a story I could read and forget, so I made a visual journal page with a pocket to hold the clipping. I experimented with different ways of getting text onto a page: collage, letter stickers, press-on type and handwriting. You can see it much better if you click the image to enlarge it.


The truncated text at the top is an effect; if I had a do-over, I would clip it more severely. I’m not sure it looks intentional. I’ll probably fold the insert so that it doesn’t really show or rework the embellishment on the top edge.

This story got under my skin, but it’s time to move on.

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This MMSA postcard should be “100%” but I did ink in the red spirals by hand. Believe me, it’s a better card now!recycled

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