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This week’s theme for participants in Mail Me Some Art swaps is “Houses.”



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Would you believe these were made by the same person?

What about these two? (Seems more likely.)
patrick-stewarts-eyecircle collection 1
I’m wrestling with whether or not to go to work with the pens on the circles card. I like it plain, but I suspect I’ll like the punch that pen work creates.

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I made three green postcards for a “summer” swap, but this golden one was always in the back of my mind. It looks pretty tan in this rendition. It’s really mango and rose. You’ll need to enlarge it to see the voluptuous reclining gal in the center panel.
I’m especially fond of the edge, which is definitive in a low-key kind of way. First some stamping with a home-made stamp. I made it by nipping the thin edge of an ordinary pink eraser with my X-acto knife. Then I swiped the edges of the card across a red stamp pad. From time to time I forget this swiping technique, and then I’m excited to discover it again.

If you took Spanish instead of French in high school, let me add that “ete,” with appropriate diacritical marks, means “summer.” A swapper sent me a set of four badges for the seasons. This is the first one I’ve used.

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Just Ask

UPDATE: No takers, so someone chosen at random will receive this card! Or else I’ll cut it down myself. Undecided …

ORIGINALLY: I made a collage page that I intended to cut down to postcard size. But I have a big piece left that I just can’t bear to cut down. So I will send an 8 x 5 inch postcard to someone who asks for it. If we haven’t swapped before, or you’re not a personal friend, I’ll need your address. Here’s a little teaser scan.


There’s nothing to stop the recipient from cutting the thing down to postcard size him- or herself. I won’t mind!

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This’ll never get me a spot in the Venice Biennale, but I do like the bright colors and trims on these shoes. Sometimes the shoe supplements in the weekend newspapers really grab me! The gel pens were new when I made this, a while ago. Just for fun.

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This is my favorite of three images made for the Mail Me Some Art summer-themed swap. I spent art-time yesterday making crayon rubbings on soft handmade green paper. For this piece, I used paperless Artstix crayons by Prismacolor, a silver oil pastel, and then I added stitch-like accents with an old fine-point felt-tip pen.

There’s also some poster-paint-pen white, which sinks right into handmade paper. See the faint little dots? And the splotch where I leaned into it too much? Like all these images, this one looks more vivid if you click on it to enlarge it.

The central motif is supposed to be a leaf, but it looks a little like a pond critter to me now. It’s so humid today that I feel like a pond creature myself.


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Almost the end of the watercolor paper I made during my winter vacation. But a friend has promised me some marbled paper she made on her summer vacation.

This odd critter is going to a mail art contact in Germany who sent me a watercolor inspired by Matisse. I couldn’t say who inspired this one.

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