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Mouse God

I just found this card while sorting a box full of long-forgotten collage fodder. I really ought to separate completed work from scraps and cuttings.

It’s actually not a “little” card but rather slightly out-sized, about 5 x 7. I guess the mouse made me think “little,” but I imagine the headless warrior is a big statue.

When you find just the right images, you don’t need to add much to them. So it’s worth blowing the dust off the surface and going through those bins.



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Two fun pink-and-green-themed postcards. The tiny green dots on the card on the left RIGHT are the very d-v-l to line up if your fingers are the least bit sticky themselves, and mine always are.


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These are two from a set of five decorated envelopes for the MMSA embellished envelope swap. I set out to use pages from a calendar of Steam Locomotives of the World.


It’s a challenge to both embellish and reveal the original art. After all, I saved the images because I liked them, yet now I have to cover them up.

On some envelopes I did a lot of embellishing, and I felt like I lost the train. On others, I went more minimalist, and I wondered if I should have added more.


I didn’t like every envelope I completed. However, I got a lot out of the exercise, particularly working with hand lettering. Many a collage action involves the pain of cutting something up exchanged for the pleasure of making something new.

The cartouche on the left edge (the same on every envelope) is a riddle I remember from grade school: “Railroad crossing, watch out for the cars. Can you spell that without any Rs?” Can you?

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Altering faces and bodies in collage always gives me a queasy feeling — I don’t know why. Teesha Moore does it constantly, and I find her stuff fun to look at, but I couldn’t really do that myself, could I? I had a go, as the Brits say. It’s not quite finished (queasy, remember?) but the dismemberment part is done.

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