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… is the theme for the September 1 Mail Me Some Art swap. Asemic writing is a pattern of markings that looks as if it could be writing but has no actual semantic content. Some of the asemic writing I looked at was like calligraphy.

I went with some real-life material. My husband has been practicing mark-making with his non-dominant hand. It looks like writing, but it’s not — it’s actually rows of tick marks made in response to various prompts. I made an electric green copy of the original, but my scanner now sees it as a gray-green. Or maybe it’s my monitor. You can tell me what you see.



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Blue Moon


Some of my own fodder and one embellishment from a gift received a couple posts back. An archaeology magazine cutout, scrapbook paper, and a bit of bright blue packaging went into this. Of course it’s not the moon that’s blue …

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Waiting for an inbound flight at the regional airport, I picked up some luggage tags that had blown along the fence. They were in different stages of degradation, as you can tell. I made a quick collage and added a half-tone filter to the image, just to see what would happen. The effect of the filter isn’t visible unless you enlarge the image.


I’m starting to use some photographs left over from a trip to Florida as collage backgrounds, They are over-exposed as images but will work well as substrates, I think.

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… brilliant mail art drops into your mailbox, even if you haven’t made or sent any yourself for a while. I haven’t even opened the packet that Tracy Miller sent me. I’m already well nigh to blown away.


It’s a mini-folder sealed in a plastic emvelope. Here’s the other side (still unopened).


The folder itself is a great mix of materials and media: there’s tape, stenciling, printing (gelli?), postage stamps and currency (not all on this side), hand-made collage elements, and stickers. You never know what will go together until you see what others have done. Just at the moment, I am feeling sympathy for the innocent donkey and the tumbling pins.


Finally, there’s a little stash of collage treasures inside, like these:


Thanks, Tracy!

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