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Kathy Barbour of Art Projects for Kids says she often starts her kindergarteners off with a line-based coloring project: Draw on your page one loopy line, one curvy line, one jagged line, one straight line, and so forth — then color the spaces.

When I gave it a try, I had some big spaces I did not want to color in, so I cut out the colored segments and glued them down on a rough-painted background. Then I stenciled on some dots.


If I were doing this again (which I might do!), I’d stencil an orderly grid of dots on the background first, and then glue down my pattern pieces. All just for fun.


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With this quick postcard, I polished off my first pack of 150 PhotoPostos, adhesive postcard backs that are the very devil to position accurately, even if you follow the meticulous directions. The back of this postcard is very skewed!

If you’re interested, here are the particulars.

I’ve already laid in another package — I wouldn’t want to be caught short.

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