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Round Postcards

… about to be sent off to Mail Me Some Art for a swap.round-num1
That’s painted paper, felt tip marker, some white paint marker (I finally found one that works!), and one little ring of magazine college.

More collage in this one and less marker.

Some day the third card I made for this swap will show up on my desk. The first one made, the first one lost track of!


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I don’t know which way is up on this card, so I’ll show you both. You’ll have to enlarge the image to see why-bother: There’s small text in the corner with the skier’s [skater??] image.



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The full title of this card is “The Moon Shining Through Whatever It Is the Moon Shines Through.”


I cleaned a brush on a piece of watercolor paper and then went on from there. The elements that look like grit are actually gold metallic spray paint. I was excited and surprised to see how ordinary white colored pencil worked over the painted background.

The moon shines through whatever it is that the moon has to shine through. Be like that.

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These four taken together make me think of “Find the one that doesn’t match the others.” In fact all four were made from the same piece of watercolored paper I made in Miami last March.

ATCs are not my favorite format, but one good thing is that you can make a lot of them from one favorite piece of paper, because they must be 2.5 by 3.5 inches. Otherwise they are something else — a too-small postcard maybe.

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