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For my birthday last month, I got a copy of Map Art Lab: 52 Exciting Explorations in Mapmaking, Imagination, and Travel, by Jill K. Berry and Linden McNeilly. I like the books in the Lab series — I have Collage Lab and Printmaking Lab as well.

I was in a hurry to try out Lab No. 27, “Tessellating Tiles,” so I didn’t work with the precision that could make this kind of pseudo-map a real gem. I just played with the concept to see whether I understood it.


I’d like to try another, more careful map of the same kind. Briefly, draw a grid on your substrate, and in each cell draw two lines connecting the midpoint of one side to the midpoint of another. Your lines can be straight, wavy or curly, and they can cross to the opposite side of the cell or connect to an adjacent side.

Then cut the grid apart and reassemble it. The midpoints should match up and create roads that you can outline. Some will ramble around cheerfully and others will be dead ends.

Unless you are very meticulous, you do not want to draw the roadways before you reassemble the grid – which is what I did – it’s better to draw faint lines. You can create the roads from the lines after the reassembly step.

Then embellish at will. It’s easier to try it than to read the explanation!


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I Have Been Busy

Lots of new cards over the past week. I trace this burst of productivity to getting rid of a lot of potential fodder; I had so much stuff that I didn’t know what I had. Less = more.



Thanks again to the friends who gave me marbled paper they made at the John C Campbell Folk School.

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Defined You Are Not

In a closet I found framed photos and art works we never hung after moving house 8 years ago, among them this collage. I meticulously recorded the size of the original on the back (14″ by 12.75″) but not the date it was made. I suspect it was 15 or 20 years ago.

I’ve stitched it together hastily from two partial scans and digitally painted in a few blank spots.

I can’t quite reconstruct the thoughts that went into this except to acknowledge that I do love to be alone with a book and rarely am.

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I heard a speaker address that theme last weekend, and all week it has been part of my mail art daydreams. This card could be the first of several with the same theme.
This card was very meh until I added some packing tape off a recycled box. That’s where the red zig zags come from. Then I had to add more packing tape to hold everything together.

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