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The Magpie Book Is Done

I was holding the book upside down when it was photographed! So I flipped the image both vertically and horizontally before posting it.10magpie

Now, it’s as if the photographer were looking over my shoulder instead of straight on. The title, a “found title” collaged onto the lower right corner of the cover, is “I Love That Nothing Matches.”

I’m ready to make another one.


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Cat Page

I’m making a “magpie book” for Christmas: I’m collaging handpainted papers, handmade paper, photocopies of old collages, postage stamps, pattern tissue and so forth to make a little miscellany. The substrate is a nest of three paper bags. (Two would have been plenty. There are a lot of surfaces to cover.)

It’s almost done. I’m planning to add some pen work before I call it “all done.” Here’s one little internal page:


Theoretically this project should have reduced my stash some, too. I can’t say as I see the difference though.

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