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This postcard made it from my residential mailbox to another one across the state of Virginia in 24 hours, apparently. That’s blazing fast. Are we appreciative enough of the USPS?


Another card just mailed has to make it all the way to the Fiji Islands. If it arrives, I hope I’ll hear about it.



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Not My Art

At the Frost Gallery in Coral Gables last winter, staff were discarding catalogs from past exhibitions. I took this one for its obsessively-patterned cover, on non-glossy paper (a bonus if you plan to re-use the paper).

I do not have an obsessive bone in my body, but I enjoy small samples of obsessive art. I added the yellow marker. Sorry that I did not record the artist’s name before discarding the rest of the catalog.


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I did some digital work to back off my last minute embellishment of the “center.” It was too yellow. It shouldn’t have been yellow at all. The rewarding work went into creating the stripes, and I love them.

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Eyes of Spring


These are the eyes of spring. They look a little dubious. They should: It’s pretty cold. They were supposed to be simple spirals, but they took on a look. Into the mail they go, headed for Portland, Oregon.

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It’s as if I gave myself an assignment. Make an unbalanced cut-and-paste image, then work it over with markers until you have balanced it out.

The palette is a lot like this winter day. Plenty of blue, plenty of neutrals, too.

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I was getting ready to discard this waste paper when I was struck by admiration for its unintended design. Marker sketches that later became a goat design are showing through from the wrong side of the paper. Something I don’t recognize has been sketched in pencil on the front. I added some stamping, some felt tip pen and a little square of magazine collage. I do like bilious green. You won’t see much detail unless you click on the image to enlarge it.


I fooled around with the original image once it was scanned. The fact that my cheap scanner doesn’t image my originals as “square” when sometimes they actually are almost square is a source of anguish. I keep trying to compensate with borders and alignment tools.


I get a kick out of the digital brushes, too.

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I was waiting for someone to send me a card with a good-looking guy on it, so that I could send one back to her. Thanks, Karen!


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