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After a vacation in Washington, D.C., I came home to find some new mail art in the mailbox. Four pieces in one week is nuthin’ to some of the high volume mail artists I know, but it’s an avalanche to me. Thanks, guys!

I scanned the four, combined them into one image, and distorted it in PaintShopPro, just for fun.

2015-03-29new mail


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I cut the pieces for this collage from an issue of Science News while I waited for someone at the gym one morning. Two folks I know came over; one said “Wasting your time, eh?” and the other said “Just making a mess?” Clearly they don’t know as much about me as they should! I thought they were a little blunt.


The source collage was twice the size of this one; the other piece is in a lower layer on my desk somewhere.

I do like a hand-drawn border, no matter how shaky.

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On the funky side of mail art, there is the “scavenger hunt” postcard. Collect as many images as you can of items that begin with a particular letter of the alphabet and compose a card from them. Your work can be carefully composed or a hectic slap-down. The aesthetics are up to you.

This “M” card isn’t finished yet. I definitely need to find more Ms. And the images have to be small ones, too.



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Part of the cover of a new art journal. It’ll be small (4 interior pages, 8 sides) but the color will be intense. Some of you may recognize the cover of the most recent catalog from White Flower Farm.

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Shelly Path

A simple point-and-shoot photograph with a ripple effect added digitally. Today it snowed another 8 inches in Virginia, and it has been more fun to play with photographs from Florida than to shovel snow. I know because I’ve done both.


This must be a huge ripple – all I’m seeing is one big arc. Most of my results using digital tools are happy accidents.

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