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….It’s so intense! Yesterday I bought a bottle at Larkin Arts, as well as two inexpensive dip pens: a little metal-nib pen and a nice fat bamboo pen.

New tools and new media call for a warm-up, so I started out by scribbling on an index card that happened to have my name written large in marker. That exercise warmed me up to try more experiments on a larger piece of paper, not shown here but likely to be cut up and become part of something else.


To get the index card up to postcard size, I framed it with paper from an art-department poster, made marker marks and borders, and embellished the corners with blue painters tape. I like the congruence between the tone of the poster and the tone of the index card. Click on the image to get a better sense of it. Admittedly I tweaked the color a little bit after scanning.

The tiny spatters around two of the ink dots happened when bubbles of ink burst on their own.


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If you enlarge the image, you will see the words “penteados tipicos” on the large stamp of an African woman in profile. The phrase means “typical hairstyles.” Assuming the stamp was part of a series, what a series that must have been.

This is another postcard that needs a border. In olden days, like the seventies, narrow sticky tape — I think the brand was Chartpak — enabled a person pasting up a layout for photoreproduction to make thin rules without pen and ink. I wish I had some now. UPDATE: It’s still made! Whoopee! NEXT UPDATE: But I’d have to order it from Canada …

As I said in the previous post, I wish I didn’t think of the border last!

There are two real postage stamps and three faux-stamps on this card.

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This volume from the late 1950s was already partly deconstructed when I bought it at a yard sale yesterday. The spine is gone, indicating I imagine that it was frequently pulled from the shelf. The illustrations will be very useful.

I am also practicing lettering for an online course with Daisy Yellow Art called Draw Your Words. So on this card I am practicing.



You can read the text or just enjoy the patterning. The lettering isn’t “supposed to be” especially legible in this context; in other contexts, legibility might be part of the goal.

I wish I had left a border. Too often, I think of that last.

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The message in the bottle can be whatever you need to hear.

This is an older card — even pre-Virginia — going out to my friend Emma, who regularly delivers messages to me.

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I enjoyed this quote from the author of Sunny Room Art.

“I am doing a bit of pre-spring-cleaning … and I decided to tackle some overflowing drawers. All of these postcards were made from the “treasures” in my junk drawer–in under 15 minutes. I was cleaning up at the same time, so it was sort of like: “Toss, toss, garbage, Oooh. Stick it down, toss, toss, Does this pen still work? toss, toss, I’ve had these dots for three years. Toss. where’s the glue stick?” … A little detachment goes a long way. Plus I have two empty drawers now.”

There is making art from collage fodder, finding and saving up collage fodder, sorting and discarding overflow collage fodder. My current ratio is about 10:10:80. Not as satisfying as it could be!

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“Pick Up Sticks” is new, and as you can see, I’ve neither signed nor dated it. 2015-04-17-pickupsticks

I mention that fact because I certainly wish I had dated the next one. It was made some time in the last nine years: I’m pretty sure it was made in Virginia. Aside from that, I haven’t a clue!2015-04-17-what-not-2007

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