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The Sundance catalog doesn’t fit my size or price range, but it is a great source of color.
The cat face is available in a variety of media from the Chewy Tulip Etsy shop, as is a lot of other cool stuff.


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How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice … I am still studying lettering, and I do love a dip pen, a nice chunky bamboo one, but I don’t claim much for this piece aesthetically. It’s “just” practice.
The brightness and contrast have been tweaked digitally. I can see that I would have liked the original better if it had been more vivid.

The quote is from Walter Mosley’s recent detective story “And Sometimes I Wonder About You:” I was looking at the closed door, thinking that all things are possible in life, but some possibilities are more likely than others. You can take it existentially, but in the story, the hero is standing at a literal door, with a bad feeling about what lies behind it and a compelling need to open it. So it works both ways.

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Something minimalist.
Something peculiar, but real.
Something that makes me think of the great film “Kinky Boots.”
Something of which I have three more a lot like it. Maybe I’ll mail three and keep one, because I really like it/them.

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I’ve been meaning to experiment with these media for a long time. The dark blue background is the original piece. As I (and others) have said before, the colors of gel pens just don’t reproduce from a scan. What looks all white here actually includes two shades of yellow plus silver.

I fooled around in my paint program (PaintShopPro, an old version) and produced two variations, then made a composite image to post here.


What I’ll do at the art desk is to collage pieces of the altered version onto the originals and, if I measure right, get four postcards out of one original and one photocopy.

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This quote from Kahlil Gibran has been lodged in my mind for a while, as I searched for an appropriate dog image to accompany it.overprovidentdog

Once I found two dogs I liked, I got into mixing those media. Lettering the text was the most frightening part and not especially successful, but it’s a skill set I’m working on.

Things I like: pungent lavender gel pen against the rust colored background; interesting little color accents in the lettering; collage-on-collage for the dog’s face on the left; successful cover-up of the original border, which I didn’t like, with a new, more robust and colorful one that I do like; the three patches of pilgrims, which are ceramic figures in real life and very, very small.

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It’s gonna be a background, but I hate to stick things on my backgrounds! I can memorialize it here before I take it onward.
The white stripe on the left is for hole-punching. I keep my art journal pages in a landscape-oriented ring binder. (And those aren’t easy to find.)

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I’m doing some work on index cards on the outskirts of the Index Card A Day (ICAD) challenge. Part of the idea is to be un-serious — not that “too serious” is really a problem for me! I love the 3-dimensional gold rhinestone tape, which really fits.

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