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Double Gerbera

Magazine collage, gel pens, and felt tip marker, digitally altered to increase color and brightness. Some of the warpy waviness reflects the substrate, a yard sale poster that had been rained on several times before I rescued it.


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I like paper weaving for the unpredictability of the results and the abstraction that invariably happens. I like this one in particular and hope it survives the mail with the lime green tape securing the loose ends to the right and left.

I made this from a cover of Real Simple magazine and some pieces of internal pages.

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Overheard ..

… at the Bach Festival yesterday, as I sought my seat: “I don’t know why I thought it was today.” Totally ordinary or profoundly mystical?

I am going to practice lettering, and you will see those words again.

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Practice lettering in my natural handwriting, with gellyroll pens. It’s readable if you click to enlarge. Text by W.S. Merwin.

Try out a long-simmering idea for pennants as a motif.

Make a lets-see-what-happens collage of scraps from the table top, then add dramatic lettering. I like the lettering, though it obscured my favorite scrap, an inquiring raven at the bottom left. He looks like an eggplant with a cartoon eye. This is what happens when you “see what happens.”

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