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“My Lucky Shirt”

The text reads “Holes or not, it’s still my lucky shirt.” So the question is: Does this collage require a shirt or is it just post-modern, meta-whatever without the shirt?


I like it just the way it is, but when time allows, I might audition a shirt or maybe a hole.


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1500 Lives

Currently showing at Creatively Bubbling.

I dare say I would be [see above] if I were in Swansea right now.

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I can still remember where I was when I collected the images that made it into this collaged postcard, back in 2007. Odd, memory remnants like that, of nothing particularly memorable! Just cutting and sorting, the usual.

Mailing it to a friend today.

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These two cards were made in response to a challenge to illustrate one’s vision of the afterlife without using any words. One version has been digitally enhanced; the other has not. You will know which is which.



I scanned the enhanced card through a crinkly plastic mailing sleeve, creating those distinctive reflections. Then I increased the contrast and brightness. Cutting out the daisies was quite a project. I came to really hate the dull spot on my scissors.

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How I wish I put dates on my cards as I mailed them! But I don’t, even now. This is several years old, but I haven’t scanned it before (I think!) because I hated to part with it.

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Favorite Tools

I would be very unhappy if I ever lost my blue circle stencil. Here it is with a card that I used in on. I wanted to show it to my Russian correspondent, who is going to receive the card if all goes well.


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I did it: 61 embellished index cards, mostly made one a day from June 1 through July 31. I was a little weary of making them by the end, and some were pretty perfunctory, but now I miss the assignment.

So my next challenge, all my own, is to collect 50 patterns on index cards over the next month. Found patterns mostly, though I could also draw some.


The green tiles are neat, aren’t they!

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