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As I was steeling myself to part with my child’s finger paintings from over 25 years ago, a time-honored alternative occurred to me: I could appropriate them. Aha!

I will make it a goal to be as energetic as this in my own painting and collaging. From 2 big sheets of fingerpainting, I am sure I can get lots of material.


What the heck, here’s another.



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When I packed up my art table for a move to North Carolina at the beginning of October, I saved out a few collage tools and papers. Others things emerged from the sorting that comes along with packing. First I planned to make this piece a simple grid, but it seemed to call out for some less grid-like elements as well, so I incorporated “chaos” on the left.

I thought it was important to resist tying the whole thing together with a neat border. I resisted pretty well until I digitized the page to upload it. Then I added a tiny green border anyway.

Click to enlarge, you’ll have more fun.

order and choas side by side

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Piquant and/or Icky

Quite a while ago, I had a sheet of outrageously-colored insect stickers. I pasted them onto a number of images, some otherwise normal and some already a little odd. I just came across the prints again. I found them piquant and icky. There are six; here’s one.


My method here was to scan an old inkjet print. Funny, it took a lot of foolin’ around with the color to get the new scan to match the old print. Looks like I need to read up on calibrating color and so forth. In my spare time.

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At the bottom of a box, I found a large piece of collaged background. Onto multiple layers of yellow tissue paper, I had pasted down confetti-sized scraps with acrylic medium.The result is very cheerful.

I cut this big item down into something more hand-sized, such as postcards.


In the image above, I used a digital tool to paint out some of the shadows cast by the scanner. I wonder if I could do better using a camera instead?

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