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Jackson Browne Songs

My favorite has always been “Fountain of Sorrow,” which opens with this line: Looking through some photographs I found inside a drawer, I was taken by a photograph of you. I found the key image for this page, an uncanny photograph, in a discarded college literary magazine. Although I suspected it was too dark to work with, I gave it a shot.

If you are intrigued, enlarge the image by clicking on it. The detail doesn’t emerge at this scale.

Magazine papers, including the key photograph; scrapbook paper (fireworks); gel pens (many of which did not seem to want to work on scrapbook paper – huh?). In the upper left is a photocopied leaf, digitally faded then manually colored with several yellow-gold markers.


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This morning I felt like stripes.


After I made the stripes, it seemed easier to sweep tiny scraps into the waste basket and to stack other strewn projects and their pieces into neater piles.

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From My Pen Pal

I have exchanged enough correspondence with Iryna in Belarus to call her a pen pal. I haven’t had a pen pal in a long time (except my mom, whose letters I miss a lot.)

Like me, Iryna likes crazy envelopes. And circles. I added the little blue dots to the images to make the edges of the envelopes stand out from the white background.



If you enlarge the image, you can really appreciate the wonderful stamps she chose.

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