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I sat with a group of old friends this weekend making small accordion books. Folded up, the books were about 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches. It was interesting to see how everyone gravitated to the small books, though I had also brought 4 x 6 inch blanks. We had precut accordions and boards for covers, thanks to the kits sold by Arnold Grummer Papermaking.

The theme of our weekend was change, and I decided my book would reflect on change in a light-hearted way. I remembered the history faculty I used to work for and came up with this text: “Even historians don’t like change, not really.” You’ll have to click on the image to see any detail.


I used gel pens and stickers for the lettering and magazine collage for the colored shapes. This is the cover; the pages are folded up accordion style inside it.

I’m very grateful to the participant who brought fuzzy fibers I could use for ties. Accordion books don’t have to have ties, but they are a nice touch, and these ties were also nice to touch.


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Red Balloons in Snow

A couple posts back, I wrote that I had grabbed one corner of a painted and collaged postcard and reworked it digitally. This is what I got: four red balloons in what looks like snow. We saw a good snow shower here in North Carolina today, so it seemed like the right time to post this.


This was the original.


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A page I’m crazy about. I’m still noodling away at it from time to time. I’ll probably add some more of those branchy things. Acrylics, airline luggage tag, paint-pen dots, markers and collage.


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Update: I pulled out a selection from the upper right hand corner and made many digital scribbles on it. I’ll post that another day.

An afternoon painting on cereal-box cardboard and adding other stuff to the surface.
There’s a knack to unifying an assemblage of elements that don’t unify themselves. Sometimes I come closer to achieving that than other times, but it is always fun to try.
I tweaked the contrast on the second image. That action makes it look more like the original, to my eye.

Materials: acrylic paint, magazine cutouts, white gel pen, other gel pens (that largely look white-ish, too, because gel ink doesn’t scan well), and a variety of markers. And some wax crayon.

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It was so gray on my first two days of vacation that I made this, just to push back, and to see what oil pastels would do if I really slathered them on. I added some white wax crayon, too.
Some day I’m going to make oil pastel my own.

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