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A recycled black and white commercially printed postcard; several shades of craft-grade acrylics on top; sepia india ink, dripped and tilted; bamboo pen work (figure- and bird-like shapes); green fine-tip felt-tip pen (triangles). After trimming the postcard to 4 x 6 dimensions, I tried to recreate two missing white borders with an opaque paint pen. Multiple layers might have done the trick. Correction tape was more opaque but wouldn’t stay stuck. Everything is an experiment.


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Clear gesso on a dour black and white photo-postcard enabled me to add some color with colored pencils, crayons and a blending pen. The gesso creates a grainy texture and the blending pen evens it out where applied. I have a whole book of these city-cat postcards….. Photo credit to Alfred Gescheidt ©1989

Alfred Gescheidt © Jack Gescheidt

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(But that is the extent of the celebration.)


I like to get some word play into my postcards. The substrate is from the dramatically colored box that Small Cakes sells their cupcakes in. I got several postcards out of that box!

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Hmmm, a post that got stuck in the Drafts folder. Although it’s not fancy work, the image brings back the memory of a party from some time ago! And it renews my gratitude to the friends who helped me pull it off.

“I’m giving a gypsy-themed event tomorrow night and performing a magic trick for which these three badges are accessories. I hope my guests are not too inhibited to wear paper badges around their necks, on ribbons that you’ll have to imagine for now.”
gypsy badges

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This correspondent sent me a card made with ingenious scalloped see-through windows. It got a little battered in international mail and arrived with two blank windows that I could not resist filling with something else, just for fun. I added a tiny red hibiscus stamp that was lying nearby. (The hibisci don’t necessarily show up.)

Then, I went digital, boosting the brightness and applying a bubble filter to the image before posting the result. I hope the artist doesn’t mind my having a little fun. I bet she doesn’t.


By the way, I am also enjoying the idea of using a scalloped cutout as a stencil, which I got from the verso of the original postcard. Of course, the handsome stamp (it is a tapestry from the national museum) is also a beautiful sight.


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A piece that starts out as a way to use up the off cuts on your desk often takes on a life of its own. Often, one scrap is the catalyst, in this case, the fragment in the upper right [make that “left”] that is just barely legible as the word “each.”

Seen up close (yes, click on it!), the perky word “other” in rub-on transfer type is full of little cracks and other flaws. It’s a very old set of rub-ons.

Not every card that uses text has a meaning to me beyond the momentarily whimsical, but this one does: “Pay attention to each Other as you encounter him or her.” And “don’t expect perfection from each other.”

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Having learned that this little cupcake made it safely to Belarus, I am now free to post it for everyone to see. Sometimes I do post images before the person I have mailed them to will have gotten them, but I try not to do that.


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