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Who even knew there was such a thing!


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I don’t know what it means, and I am living with the mystery for now, but this is the text on the Swiss postage stamp on the back of a Postcrossing card I received from Catherine in Berne.
Many members of Postcrossing live abroad, so it costs (at this writing) $1.15 to mail to them, but it is worth it, especially when you remember to look at the postmark & stamps as well as the picture & message.

The chicken is just background paper. Placing a piece of paper behind my postcards reduces unsightly shadows around the scan, but the background paper is supposed to be plain side down.

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This is someone else’s photo, picked up in a bin at Durham’s Scrap Exchange. Mark-making on photo stock is challenging, but paint pens and gel pens work. The text — pasted down crooked — reads “It’s like a magic carpet ride.”
It is uncanny how much that floating person looks like me.

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I’m easily overwhelmed by the beautiful things in this catalog. I like to turn the seductive pages to purposes that resonate with my real life and keep my Visa card safe from harm.

A new friend introduced herself to me by saying “I eat color,” and I knew just what she was trying to say. I could eat this picture of a stack of towels for three meals a day, indefinitely:

Rather than purchase an $88 towel (come on!), I set out to play with some tools in my under-utilized digital tool box, an ancient copy of Paint Box Pro. These three are the result. The differences are more apparent when you click to enlarge:2016-05-11-ieatcolor-dilate
Effects>Artistic Effects> Edges>Dilate

Effects>Artistic Effects> Edges>Erode

Effects>Artistic Effects> Edges>Trace Contour

What a palette: lime green, warm pink, slate gray, orange, yellow, red, turquoise, deep gray. I think I have some of those colors upstairs …

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At first I thought this swap theme would be a bummer for me. Zero inspiration. But once I started messing around, some ideas bubbled up. This image is a sample from the four postcards I made. Each postcard will be mailed to a Mail Me Some Art swap participant.


Notice how none of the four seems to resemble the others very much? Three of the four use old pages from the same book, and two of the four use some of the same pink paint.

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