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Studio Visit


My second contribution to a community art show, this one at CAM, the Contemporary Art Museum in Raleigh, NC. I’m dropping it off tomorrow and making a digital image for preservation’s sake, just in case.

This is one of my favorite collages. It began with a photograph of Gerhardt Richter (I’m guessing — I made this some time ago) in his studio, which I found in a copy of Art in America. I also had a snapshot of a charming child, a panel cut from a USPS express mail carton, and some nice smoky blue paint.

The background of the artist’s studio wasn’t really essential, so I just cut out a few furnishings and pasted them down in the same relative positions as in the illustration. I assumed that the artist probably did not welcome children in his studio, so I pasted the little guy farther back, where he may not have been noticed yet. You can’t quite gauge it from their expressions.

On the original there is a beautiful red pinstripe running down the right hand edge. My scanner bed isn’t wide enough to pick it up. Too bad, but you’ll see it the next time you receive any Express Mail.


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I was a guest at the wedding of my best friends’ only son this weekend. It was an elegant affair, meticulously curated by the bride and groom, with graphic elements by the groom revealing talents I’d never known he had. Just a lovely event. I made the parents a little souvenir/thank you card, based on the menu presented at the wedding dinner.

I feel my scanner doesn’t do justice to sober colors, but if you click on the image, the digital contrast adjustments are very striking. If you like earth tones, which the bride and the groom and I apparently all do.


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ICAD Time of Year

The Index Card a Day challenge 2016 runs June 1 to July 31. So far I am keeping up with the total count though not producing a card every day. Every card is different, unless I copy myself on purpose.

June 22 followed its own path, nothing like the idea I began with. June22

June 19 was an attempt to copy some very simple-seeming animals; not that simple.

With June22-Bonus, I needed to express my love of that typewriter. The first typewriter I knew looked a lot like that one.

Cutting this image into strips and pasting them down in a new order did not make the gunmen any less menacing.

By the end of July there will be 61 cards.

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The mail-art-swap-theme for which I was painting backgrounds this morning is “circles.” I like to paint backgrounds. I’m always reluctant to add images to the backgrounds. Too bad!

This background required the least fiddling around. I’ll mail it with one of the new planet stamps.

Craft acrylics don’t have a lot of pigment, so you get interesting shadows of whatever you made your background out of. These show-throughs are prominent on this card.

Not my favorite, but it sure is colorful.

This was a pleasant day for sure.

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I almost didn’t participate in the recent chicken-themed postcard swap. I am certainly glad I did take part in the end, because I received this very witty postcard entitled “Romeo and Juliet Name the Newborns.”2016-06-14-delicious
Artist Beau S. from Massachusetts has named the chicks Kiev, Kung Pao, Piquante, Tikka Masala, and Croquette. He says his brother’s family once named their new chicks thus. Yes, really.

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Always Running

Quite a while ago, I made a postcard-sized collage featuring a group of boys running toward the camera.
I collaged a setting for the first image, and I like that, too. The new original is 8 by 10 inches and will hang (I hope) in a community art show next week. I found just the right thrift store frame for $1.29.
By the way, “Always Running” is a the title of a powerful memoir of gang life. Whether these boys are running from danger or celebrating their joie de vivre, I can’t tell you.

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I made this card several years ago, long enough that I have no memory of making it. Its overall vivacity leaped out at me when I came across it last night in the stash/archives. Click on the image if you want it to jump out at you.


I looked closer to see how I made it. There’s an underlying 3 by 5 grid of squares on a background that includes some bold type. Most of the type is covered up. (I like single letters and word fragments showing through a collage — I’ve done that before.) I glued a 2 by 4 grid on top of the first one and some tissue paper cutouts on top of that.

Later today I think I’ll try another one.

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